Interior Design Podcasts: 5 Of The Best for 2021


Interior Design Podcasts: 5 Of The Best for 2021

Podcasts are showing no sign of slowing down in 2021 – in fact with exclusivity deals and celebrity shows becoming the norm podcasts are set to become an even bigger part of our daily lives. One corner of the podcasting world we have our ear finely tuned to is that of interior design podcasts. Yes, even in our downtime from porcelain and quartz we are obsessing over interiors and design.

So, why do we love podcasts so much? For us it’s the accessibility. On the morning commute but not quite ready to delve into a book that early? Pop on a podcast. Doing boring housework? Liven it up with a podcast. Trying to drown out the kids? Podcast. From true crime to interior design, there is podcast for every mood.

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1. HOSTEing Laura Jackson

Always the hostess and never the hosted, interiors and food fanatic Laura Jackson finds her way into the homes of popular trendsetters to discuss interiors, food and travel. It’s interior chat sprinkled with everything about hosting such as foodie tips, where to get the best vintage crockery and their hidden gem hideaways.
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2. Material Matters With Grant Robinson

Each episode Grant invites an artist, designer or maker to chat over the potential of a single material. Previous guests and shows include Polly Morgan on Taxidermy, Lin Cheung on Stone and Barnaby Barford on Ceramic.
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3. The Great Indoors

Hosts Sophie Robinson and Kate Watson-Smyth talk through all things indoors and making your house a home. The podcast is a mix of wit and intelligence with a whole load of inspiration and problem solving.
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4. The Modern House

The Modern House offers a unique take on interiors as it’s brought about by the design led agency of Matt Gibberd. Guests pick three of their favourite homes from anywhere in the world to discuss; anything from a Modernist masterpiece to a ramshackle hut in a field – think of it as a sort of design-led Desert Island Discs. Previous guests include Lucinda Chambers the ex Fashion Director at Vogue, Rosa Park current Editor of Cereal Magazine, and Ross Bailey CEO of Appear Here
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5. The House Guest

Country & Town House Interiors Editor Carole Annett chats to some of the people behind the spaces regularly featured in C&TH and all over Instagram. From Alice Temperley and Matthew Williamson to Jinny Blom and Flora Soames. The guests and podcast are a great source of inspiration, so this is a great pick if you’re looking to make some changes or renovations.
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We’d love to know if you have any favourite interior design podcasts, so drop us a DM on our Instagram or comment on Facebook!

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