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Stonemasons are judged on their artistry. The way they work with the different types of material and their ability to create the most beautifully crafted finishes. Work with us at The Surface Collection and let our expertise, resources and skill complement yours.

Single source, maximum control
You’ll have the convenience of a single source for all your stone requirements. This in turn makes it much easier to retain control of each project, delivering the highest quality and consistency of colour, texture and pattern.

Work your way
If you have a particular stone in mind, we’re here to help you deliver it with optimum quality. If you have an idea, but are wondering how best to achieve it, we’ll advise on the right material for your project and your budget. If your goal isn’t achievable with existing products, chances are we can find something that is, be that material or surface finish.

Keep pace with the latest products
Millions of years old it may be, but stone is constantly changing and evolving. Picking our brains is a simple and effective way to stay ahead of developments, whether you are working with natural stone, modern sintered stone materials such as Neolith, or engineered quartz products like Radianz and Silkstone.

Training and hands-on experience
With new and improved products appearing regularly, it’s a good idea to book in with The Surface Collection team for occasional training.

We can conduct training sessions at your premises, or you’re welcome to visit our fully equipped factory. Together we’ll work closely with you and get the process right from the beginning. Variables such as machine feed, water pressures and air loads differ from factory to factory, so we believe in hands-on training and experience rather than working with a manual. For example, Neolith sintered stone is one of the most exciting new developments, so why not reserve your specialist Neolith training now?

Tips for stonemasons when working with different materials


  • Always put radius corners in on internal corners. Some say this isn’t necessary, then find themselves wondering why the surface started to crack after only a couple of years.
  • Check pure white quartz thoroughly before cutting, contamination can easily occur.
  • Big is better. Larger slabs such as 3200 x 1600mm and 3150 x 1520mm generally produce less wastage than traditional sizes.
  • Don’t compromise on the darker colours. Good quality quartz is more likely to be low maintenance on the darker colours, such as black mirror, other blacks and dark grey. Inferior quality materials quickly become cloudy and are impossible to repolish.
  • Don’t cut right to the edge of the slab. Materials are supplied with an allowance to prevent shrinkage cracks around the edge, which can be unsightly and are not covered by most warranties.

Sintered stone

  • Always trim the material, even if it seems unnecessary. Tension cracks are much more likely with untrimmed edges.
  • Always carry the material vertically and never twist or bend the surface when carrying it. The material is light and manufactured with immense care, so it is soul-destroying when it gets broken after being carried like a 30mm thick slab of granite.
  • Support the material on A-frames with a backer slab.
  • When moving a 6mm slab in a single grab, use a long piece of wood like a splint to stop additional movement.
  • Only finish a cut into either a pre-drilled hole or the edge of the slab.

Natural stone

  • Ensure that your customers understand that the sample is only representative of the slab material, not identical.
  • Warn customers that fissures are a natural feature of certain types of material. They are not cracks.
  • Flag any issues early before cutting. We will always accept returned materials if problems are flagged up early enough after delivery.
  • Remember that no warranties are offered on natural materials.
  • Different materials polish, hone and texture differently. The effect varies from material to material depending on its mineral content.

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