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We work with many interior designers and understand that they are passionate about high standards and fine detail. We know, too, that stone is just one of many possible materials being considered for a project. That’s why it makes sense to talk to stone experts before choosing the material and starting to work with it.

Global resources

At The Surface Collection we have over 70 years’ experience and a network of hand-picked supply partners across five countries. All those resources and our deep knowledge of the complete range of natural and engineered stone products is at your disposal on every project.

We’ll work your way

We can work the way you prefer to work, either as a traditional wholesaler supplying through trained specialist fabricators or, if the project demands it, directly is as an agent.

The right result every time

Time and time again we prove our ability to guide designers towards the right solution for each project. To deliver a result true to the original concept in terms of quality, colour and performance – and to save money while doing so.

From concept to completion

Our support spans every aspect of every project. If you know what you need, we’ll source the most appropriate material at the lowest cost, and supply samples you can show to your colleagues, partners and clients. We appreciate that sometimes only large format samples can give a true impression of the chosen material.

Sometimes you know what you want to achieve, but are not sure how to do so. In such cases we are happy to work with pictures or Pinterest boards; to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different materials for different applications; to help turn proposals into finished projects by providing free samples promptly, offering expert advice, sourcing the right materials and delivering on time.

Find that Material

If you have a particular look, colour or finish in mind, but are not sure how to achieve it, why not hand the problem to us?

Simply fill in your details, and attach any relevant reference photographs, and we’ll do the rest - identifying the material you need and providing free samples - fast.

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Contact us

Our sales team will provide you with support and offer you advice on all queries you may have in relation to any of your projects.