Atlas Plan Natura Technology Explained


Atlas Plan Natura Technology Explained

“What is Atlas Plan’s Natura Technology?” We hear you ask. Don’t worry! This blog will outline the exclusive new Natura Technology from Atlas Plan to help you along your design journey.

Picking the perfect Porcelain worktops can be a daunting task, especially with the huge variety of options available. Not only can you select from different looks, thicknesses and finishes, you can now also choose slabs with Natura Technology too.

What Is Atlas Plan Porcelain?

As a man-made material, Porcelain is produced from ceramic clay and mineral mix. Therefore, it is a versatile and durable material that is stain, scratch and heat resistant. Atlas Plan is a world leader in Porcelain production and has a diverse range of large-format slabs in various designs.

The brand has now further refined the range by introducing two different types of Natura Technology on selected designs.

Atlas Plan’s Natura Vein Technology Explained

Let’s look at Marble as an example. Marble is a natural stone, and so the veining you see on the surface also runs through the body of the slab.

Alternatively, when Porcelain is produced, the pattern on the surface does not run through the body of the slab. To stand out, Atlas Plan has now launched exclusive Natura Vein Technology. This technique recreates the veining through the body of the slab, rather than just the surface, so if the material is cut, the vein will show, allowing full aesthetic continuity.

You can find Natura Vein Technology in some of the most popular colours in the Marble range, including;

  • Calacatta Borghini
  • Calacatta Extra
  • Calacatta Imperiale
  • Statuario Supremo

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Atlas Plan’s Natura Body Technology Explained

In actual fact, Natura Body Technology is not dissimilar to Natura Vein Technology in the same way that it creates aesthetic continuity. The difference is that the purpose of this technology is to replicate the colours and patterns of the material’s surface to the body. Natura Body Technology is available in some of the most popular colours in the Stone range, including;

  • Basaltina Volcano
  • Kone Mix
  • Kone Grey
  • Dolmen Pro Grigio
  • Soapstone Dark

Choosing Atlas Plan’s Natura Technology

Truth be told, not every surface needs Natura Technology. For instance, if you are planning on mitring edges, including a backsplash, or even just wanting a thinner surface, it’s likely that you don’t need to choose a slab with this added feature. On the other hand, if you are looking to leave the surface edges exposed, or even add in drainer grooves next to your kitchen sink, this exclusive element could be perfect for you!

Want to learn more about Atlas Plan?

The wonderful Atlas Plan is definitely our Porcelain of choice as the Natura Technology guarantees a perfectly consistent material with continuous design from the surface through to the body. However, if you aren’t sure which stone to use in your next project, let Atlas Plan and its Natura Technology be the persuading factor- you won’t regret it!

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