2021 Vs 2022: A Year In Review


2021 Vs 2022: A Year In Review

Let’s kick the year off with a review of 2021 vs 2022…

We sat down with our Managing Director, Jamie Thomas, and our Brand Manager, Emily Welch, for a chit-chat and a coffee to reflect on the previous year, and discuss what’s coming up for The Surface Collection in the year ahead.

2021 – The Challenges

2021 was undeniably a difficult year for everyone, and The Surface Collection was no exception.

The business was met with a few challenges during 2021, especially within the international supply chain. We saw a huge hike in transport charges, along with disruptions and delays to production and shipping. However, these issues were nothing we couldn’t overcome;

“We responded very well to what was a difficult year and a difficult set of circumstances. Our trusted team worked with our clients to manage the flow of stock and also provide excellent quality service and materials” – Jamie, Managing Director

Despite the challenges the business, our team, and clients faced during 2021, The Surface Collection made it through the year with a lot of positives…

Slab from our warehouse

2021 – The Successes

In 2021, we swiftly reacted to the ever-changing trends of the design industry. After a few updates here and there, our Silkstone Quartz collection now consists of a broad and comprehensive range of designs that are perfect for any project; both residential and commercial.

In fact, August saw the launch of The Dartmoor Collection by Silkstone Quartz; an exclusive range of granite-inspired designs. This unique collection consists of the bold and bright Breccia Orchid and Breccia Emerald alongside our classic Tuscan Grey.

“The Dartmoor Collection allowed us to bring something different to the market through bright and funky takes on the natural Breccia stone”. – Emily, Brand Manager

Adding these designs to our Silkstone Quartz range helped define our brand and show what we can offer as a surface supplier. See Breccia Emerald Silkstone Quarz in action in the image below, and click here to learn more.

On review, 2021 was certainly a year of ups and downs, but what’s next for The Surface Collection? Let’s look to the year ahead!

2022: What’s Next?

The new year is an opportunity to start afresh and set goals. For us, we will use 2022 to boost the brand visibility of The Surface Collection.

“Having been recognised as Thomas Group Marble & Granite for over 70 years, this year we are working to drop the Thomas Group tag and increase brand awareness and visibility of The Surface Collection” – Emily, Brand Manager

We will be engaging in key industry events across the year, investing in digital and PR promotion, and working closely with designers and fabricators to develop our materials and services, so watch this space!

Not only that, we still have some adjustments to make to our Silkstone Quartz collection. To let you in on a little secret, Managing Director Jamie reveals “we will be introducing new colours across the range”. Stay up to date with our new product launches by signing up for our newsletter at the foot of our home page!

But it doesn’t stop there! Atlas Plan will also be launching new colours along with a new and exciting product range of Habitat Sinks. These basins will be pre-manufactured in single and dual-tone Porcelain stoneware and they are beautiful! We will be previewing the latest Atlas Plan products at our next event…

2022: KBB Birmingham 2022…

That’s right! We will be exhibiting at KBB in March of 2022! The last time we attended the event was in 2020, just before the pandemic hit and we entered lockdown #1. With this year’s event fast approaching, the team is more than ready to get back in the saddle.

“This year, KBB is central to our calendar as a space where we can increase our brand visibility within the industry. This event is a huge opportunity to talk to designers directly and receive invaluable feedback about what products we are offering and how we are offering them.” – Jamie, Managing Director

Not only is the event a fantastic space to meet and speak to industry professionals, but it also provides an opportunity to scope out the competition! Brand Manager, Emily goes on to say:

“KBB brings creative minds together to see things from a different perspective. I personally love seeing how other brands are bringing industry trends into their stands and products”.

…Speaking of stands; the designs for our stand at KBB this year are next level, so be sure to get yourself down to KBB Birmingham from 6th-9th March and pay us a visit! Don’t have a ticket yet? Register for your free ticket here, or click the image below.

The Surface Collection at KBB Birmingham 2022 - Stand #P70

2021 Vs 2022: A Year In Review

So, after a review of 2021 vs 2022, we can certainly say that last year was a tough year on various levels, but also saw a huge array of positives that helped us begin 2022 at full throttle. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us!

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