What Is Full Bodied Vein Through and Body Through Porcelain?


What Is Full Bodied Vein Through and Body Through Porcelain?

When it comes to picking the perfect porcelain worktops it can be a daunting task, as there are a lot of options when it comes to surface types. From marble look, to concrete look to full bodied. There are a lot of options that aren’t always clear, which is why we are breaking down the newest option: full bodied vein through porcelain.

What Is Porcelain?

Porcelain is a material made from non-porous ceramic clay and a mix of minerals such as silica and kaolinite. This material mix is blended, then rolled out and baked at high temperatures. This process produces a versatile and durable material that is very hard wearing.

What Is Full Bodied Vein Through Porcelain?

Full body vein through porcelain has previously been referred to in the market as the slab showing a full body to the edges and corners. This shows advances in porcelain technology as older porcelain, and sintered surfaces, featured a plain ‘bleed line’ around the exterior of the slab. Atlas Plan is full bodied, non-rectified porcelain.

What Is The Difference Between Rectified And Non-rectified?

Rectified basically means trimmed. Due to the extreme heat and compression during porcelain production, the slab needs to have the edge trimmed to remove tension and prevent the slab from chipping. The slabs are supplied as non-rectified material, so the tension line needs to be trimmed before fabrication; in other words, rectified. Older porcelain and sintered surfaces were produced with the plain edge as this would be removed during rectification.

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What Is Natura Vein And Natura Body Porcelain?

Atlas Plan are market leaders in porcelain production technology and their latest product offering consists of vein through and body through material. The entire slab is composed of natural clay mixes and pigments so, the slab colours and patterns are consistent between the surface and body. This means the slab looks the same at the sides as it does the surface.

For instance, a through vein or body surface that has been cut would show the same pattern on the inside so no more plain edges! This technology also works great where drainer groves are desired as there is a consistent look through the surface, even when filed into.

This is why our porcelain of choice is by Atlas Plan. The Natura technology shows the vein or grain pattern is reproduced through the full thickness. This guarantees perfectly consistent surface and body.

You can find Natura-Vein in some of their most popular marble colour options such as Calacatta Extra, Calacatta Imperiale and Statuario Supremo.

You can find Natura-Body in some of their most popular stone colour options such as Basaltina Volcano, Kone Mix, Kone Grey, Dolmen Pro Grigio and Soapstone Dark.

Would you consider using full bodied vein through or body through porcelain in your next project? We’d love to know your thoughts so drop us a DM on our Instagram or comment on Facebook!

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